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I’ve spent most of my working life as a Careers Consultant for one organisation or another. Three years ago, with the kids having left for college, my wife and I moved to Toronto and we’ve loved the challenge and fun of exploring and settling in a new city.

I started this site to help others find their feet in a new employment environment – but since then it’s grown into a set of resources that I believe is useful to anyone in North America looking to find work in the fields we specialise in: CNA, Engineering and Real Estate.

Welcome to CRI Central! Your one-stop-shop for careers resource and information on jobs in CNA, Engineering and Real Estate

As well as articles, HowTo Guides and infographics, we regularly publish answers to specific questions that readers contact us about. In fact, our ‘Readers Ask’ section is easily among the most popular sections of our site! Our aim with these it to help someone deal with a very specific question and, of course, we normally pick one that we believe others will find helpful.

So please do go ahead and click here to submit a question of your own. I apologise in advance that I can’t personally reply to each and every question that comes in – but I do my best to be as helpful as I can to as many of you as possible.