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Getting a job is never easy. Trying to decide what to do, where to do it, what company to apply to, and then the waiting followed by the rejection. Oh, the rejection. But lucky for you there are ways to cut down on all the negatives and focus on getting that new job. Here are 4 tips to help you get out there and get it.


No, this doesn’t mean hanging out for hours and hours on Facebook or twitter, telling yourself and others you’re actually looking for a job. This means getting out there and talking to anyone and everyone who might have a line on a job or career you are interested in. Want to know more about being an ultrasound technician? Go track some down and talk to them. Hospitals are a good start. Want to be a car mechanic? Stop in at the local car shop and have a chat. Dreams of being a barista? Talk to the guy who makes your coffee. See the pattern? Just sitting at home and looking online won’t get you the job you want. Get out of the house, get active and get social.


One size fits all usually isn’t true and certainly is not true when preparing your resume. Your resume is the first thing potential employers are likely to see. They aren’t usually looking for a reason to give you an interview; they usually are looking for a reason to remove your resume from the stack of possibles. Making one resume for all jobs and positions and companies means it will be widely generic and generally bland. Easy choice for the company to toss it aside. Instead, tailor a resume for each position in each different company. Just tweaking little things can pique the interest of a bedraggled HR worker. Go the extra mile here.


If you have vague ideas about what you want to do and where you want to do it you’ll get vague responses or worse yet no responses. Figure out exactly what it is you want to do: what field, what job title, what geographic location. Even figure out the exact company you want to work for. Then go convince them of your merits. Do that for the top ten companies in the field. Then do it for the second tier, for companies 11-20. Sell yourself and your unique individual talents to a company.


Although many people will say this goes without saying, we over at TUNS.ca feel the opposite: This should be repeated over and over and over again until you get it. Like really get it. Giving up means you will not get what you want. Of course there are exceptions; the C average student who wants to get into Princeton, the 55 year old who wants to be starting point guard for the LA Lakers – you get the picture. But pretty much every other person and situation would be well served by the advice: Never give up.

So there you have it: 4 tips to help yourself get a job. Are they easy? Of course not. But few things that are truly worth having come easily. Now – get out there and get yourself a job.