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It’s not hard to find two different versions of what people think it means to be a real estate agent, each one totally different from the other. Conflicting opinions is not at all uncommon with jobs that offer great potential.

Either people will quickly claim:

Real estate agents have an amazing job they love. And, it comes with many rewards that make it so lovable. First, the pay is awesome if you know your stuff. It’s easy to earn a six-figure income working as a real estate agent. Second, you get the chance to enjoy every single day and meet new people as you evaluate and access houses and show them to potential buyers.

Or, you’ll meet the real estate cynic-of-doom who says:

Being a real estate agent is for suckers. It’s only the developers and mortgage companies that make money these days. The hours are long and the pay is lousy. Steer clear!

The truth is, of course, somewhere in between. Like with every industry, some people are perfectly suited to the role and combine natural talent with hard work and a little luck to enjoy fantastic success. Other people struggle to make their mark in the job and end up feeling like they’ve wasted time and money.

If you’re considering a job as a realtor, the crucial thing is to know yourself and the job well.


As a real estate agent your first job is to show homes, apartments, condos, office space or any premises that the owners are interested in selling, leasing or renting to interested parties. However you also need to help the person who owns the property understand the market so they can make sure to get a fair price.

The role of a real estate agent goes far beyond the regular 9 to 5 job, and you may find yourself working odd hours including those on the weekend. You must be professional and knowledgeable, and really know how to bring out the best in every home that you showcase. Friendliness and a desire to meet new people are definitely qualities that you should possess as well.


Real estate agents should most definitely be “people-people” as you will meet new people every single day and need to be able to communicate clearly and effectively with them, whilst helping them build up trust and comfort in you. This essential part of the job is just so much easier when you actually enjoy socializing and meeting new people!

Having a professional manner is an absolute must, or clients will lose confidence in you – fast. Arrive on time to meetings with clients (or be habitually early). You must present yourself in a positive manner and understand how to talk to these clients.

You will also find it very helpful to know the area in which you plan to work. People enjoy working with locals, especially when it is something as important as buying a home or renting or leasing a business. When you can fill them in on all of the positives of the city or town, and do it with knowledge you’ve gained from living in the area, you will win the hearts of all.


If all of these things sound appealing to you, learning how to become a real estate agent is your next step. You will be glad to know that it doesn’t take years of college to work as a real estate agent, and the state-administered exam isn’t difficult at all! Becoming a real estate agent is something that you can do quickly and easily, all in the matter of a few weeks of time. Take a look at the steps required to become a real estate agent.

In order to work as a real estate agent you need to be at least 18 years old, but keep in mind there are some states that require their real estate agents to be at least 21 years of age.

If you meet the minimum age requirements to work as a real estate agent then you can proceed to the next steps in attaining the license. One of the first things that you will need to do is attend a 40 to 50 hour pre-licensing course in the state you want to work as a real estate agent in. it must be a state accredited facility, and you must pass the courses that are paid out of your own pocket.

A real estate license application must also be completed and submitted to the state. There is a fee for the application as well as the license, which will vary per state. You will need to be assigned a broker as well.

Keep in mind that, if you have a felony conviction within the last 10 years , you cannot obtain a real estate license.

In future articles, I plan to delve further into the characteristics that make for a tremendously successful real estate agent. Whilst taking the steps mentioned above are “must-do” steps – passing the relevant tests and getting the license is a very tiny part of what is required to be successful. You need to regard those as just the first steps on a journey that will reward perseverance, hard work and a tireless dedication to networking and providing trustworthy service to people in your local area.

If that doesn’t sound appealing, you may want to reconsider the decision to become a realtor. However, if not – this a career that might just be for you!