Types of research jobs you can apply for in Canada

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Canada has proven to be one of the most stable and predictable economies in the world, thus there are a lot of big and small companies in different industries investing in it. With this, a lot of jobs have been continuously open not only for the locals but also to foreign people.

One of the interesting jobs that are rising in Canada today is research jobs. This kind of job is at large with different kinds of sub-categories. The scope is broad that it involves a range of industries such as production, health, manufacturing, education among others. Some of the few research jobs that are trending in Canada are research associate for telecommunications and cable, research reservoir engineer, clinical research-project assistant, research scientist among others.

A research associate’s job for telecommunications and cable is to provide fundamental assistance, especially to the equity research analysts of the company. As a research associate, you will be working closely with the research analyst to build up fiscal forecasts and present suggestions on particular stocks. The key skill to be an efficient employee for this job is to learn and develop the methods and abilities essential for research of securities and investment analysis. The best element of being an associate is usually gaining a thorough understanding of the operational and financial issues within a certain sector.

A research reservoir engineer’s main responsibility is to perform special studies and analysis that provide creative and novel solutions to reservoir surveillance, production problems, and reservoir engineering connected with extra heavy oil production feasibility. Aside from this, you responsibilities include the design and guide execution of experimental laboratory programs, conduct thermal reservoir modeling that makes use of advanced simulation tools for these processes, and extend the development of in-house simulation tools of the company.

Another category for a research job is clinical research-project assistant. The primary task is to work closely with the clinical research coordinator to assist in study operations, including entering data and conducting literature searches. The responsibilities of this job is to assist with the advance preparation for audits and site visits, conduct medical literature searches, maintaining literature databases and retrieving articles from library, check data for completeness and accuracy, and prepare study case report forms and assemble packages of questionnaires. As a clinical research-project assistant, you are also expected to do research subject-related duties such as obtaining informed consent for questionnaire-based research, explain questionnaires and arrange for subjects, conduct health chart reviews, and telephone subjects to confirm appointments or follow-up on study requirements.

A research scientist is another type of research job that primarily will be leading an approved research project. The employee must be flexible when it comes to the field of research as the work encompasses research areas like Health, Cities, Water, Energy, and Agile. As a researcher, you are expected to work comprehensively and willing to do full-time and high-level performance. As part of being a research scientist, you will gain experience through studies or graduate work in the research topic that will be given to you.