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In the uncertain economic times of today, the vast majority of people that hold down employment are looking to maximize the results they get from their position.

Over the last several years, job security has truly become a thing of the past and people are now looking to solidify their positions of employment and in general, make as much money as they can to lower personal debt and increase personal wealth.

If you are in the car insurance industry, perhaps as a seller of motor vehicle insurance policies, below are is a key success tip that I picked up from a recent conversation that I had with Australian car insurance and car leasing industry veteran, Mr Warren Halms.



According to Mr Halms, the number one key to success is to be other-people centered.

On the surface, this seems entirely plausible however, letís face it, everyone is looking to make a decent personal income from their job and this tends to result in people thinking about their own self-interests first, before considering the best interests of customers or clients that they are dealing with at any given time.

One of the most important skills to learn, according to Mr Halms, is leaving your own self-interests at the door to your office each day and only picking them back up again on your way out to finish the day.

The point Mr Halms made very clear was that the most significant and predominant thought that occupies his mind when dealing with any potential customer is ‘what product have I got to offer this person that will best service their needs?’

Not once does commission level or personal remuneration come into his thoughts, because he has trained his mind to focus on the best interest of the customer.

This single tip, according to Mr Halms, contributes to an extra one in ten sales conversions compared to other less-seasoned car insurance salespersons that he works with on a daily basis.

Car insurance is a very broad market with plenty of options, and people are usually making an insurance decision when also considering their motor vehicle finance options, so it is important to build trust (they have a lot to take in).

He hypothesizes that the customers can feel the genuine intent in his demeanor when he is dealing with them. As a result, they feel more comfortable, they have greater trust in him and they will ultimately take themselves through the ‘sales process’ without Mr Halms having to call on his own sales skills to get them to the point of signing up for a policy.

Of course, with thirty-five years of experience on his side, Mr Halms certainly knows a thing or two about moving a prospect from initial enquiry through to making a buying decision, but just ask yourself this question; ‘If you were in a sales position and rarely had to use the ‘sales skills’ that you are taught in your sales training modules, would your days flow a little easier for you?’

‘I mean, what if you had customers asking you where to sign as opposed to you having to push them through the process? It would certainly be a great way to make a living.’

If you are looking to increase your sales conversions, or if you are considering getting into motor vehicle insurance, take the above advice on board and focus on the outcome that serves the customerís needs best and you will be well on your way.