The top highest paying jobs in Canada

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As Canada remains to be one of the best economies in the world, a lot of foreign and local investors come in the country, hiring a large number of workers. As more companies are hiring, this is the great time to search for the work that will provide you with the good lifestyle you want.

Canada’s stable economy has drawn in lots of investors, low business costs and corporate tax rates and healthy financial institutions, thus guaranteeing good benefits for the workers. For a country that has a good economic disposition, a six-figure salary is not just a dream; it is considered as the average salary for workers with high paying occupations.

According to the data presented provided by Statistics Canada, there are top ten occupations that earn average salaries, which amounts to more than $100,000.

Specialist physician. The average annual income for a specialist physician is $179,514. The duties include tasks in specialized practice areas such as anesthesiology, cardiology, dermatology, and oncology. A high education is required for this job.

Judge. A judge can earn at an average of $178,053 annually. They are the ones who preside over court cases, having the final say in court trials and hearings. Attending law school is a must for this job. Usually, a judge have at least ten years of experience before being considered for a judiciary position and must be assigned by a committee.

Senior managers of communications, financial and other business services. You can have an average annual income of $162,376 with this kind of occupation. As senior managers in this category, you are entitled to supervise particular departments at both small businesses and large corporations. A bachelor’s degree and extensive work experience in the field are requirements for this occupation.

Senior managers of goods production, construction, utilities, and transportation. For this occupation, an average yearly income is $160,947. The duties of this job include directing operations at manufacturing, trucking, logging, and mining, petroleum, and railway companies. An extensive work experience and a bachelor’s degree are the needed requirements for this job.

General practitioner and family physician. The average annual income for this particular job is $132,615. The duties usually include treating a wide array of conditions and illnesses and further provide preventive care and evaluations.  A requirement to be qualified for this job is to attend medical school and complete residencies.

Dentist. The average income that a dentist receives is $131,552 annually. The primary task of a dentist is to treat, prevent, and provide care for the teeth, mouth, and gums of a patient. Aside from the undergraduate degree required, attending dental school for four years or so is also a must.

Senior managers of trade, broadcasting, and other services. The average yearly income and training is $124,080 for a person with this kind of profession. A bachelor’s degree with extensive work experience is a requirement for a person to become a senior manager. Generally, senior managers work in industries such as food wholesaling, travel agencies, radio broadcasting, and department stores.

Lawyer. For a lawyer, an average annual income is $123,632. Not only that lawyers provide legal advice and counsel to companies and individuals as well, but also they may stand for clients in front of a jury or judge in court. One must require education from law school.

Engineering manager. The average yearly income for this occupation is $113,403. Typically, engineering managers administer the research, design, and production efforts of teams at scientific research companies, engineering firms, architecture firms, manufacturing corporations, among others. A requirement for this job is a bachelor’s degree in engineering. A majority of companies require engineers to register with a professional engineering organization.

Credit, investment, and banking manager. This occupation can provide you with an average annual income of $101,845. This job entitles you to supervise operations at commercial banks, credit institutions, investment banks, and retail banks. Some other tasks included in this job are buying and selling securities, preparing credit report, administering loans, and investing client funds. A bachelor’s degree in Business Administration is required for this job, plus a broad experience in the field. It is also advantageous if you have MBA.